About Us

Our mission is to support and grow local business and to encourage customer to live local and shop local using our Online retail platform – Bizybe.

How does it work?

Bizybe is and online retail platform that onboards Retail stores and gives local retailers the ability to sell their products and services and accept payments online with a pickup and delivery feature.

Our platform gives the retailer their own online store with a vendor portal to add products, change prices and promote their products reports of their transactions and transact easily. Customers can shop locally by searching and purchasing their goods from stores such as dairy, butchers, fruit and vegetable, Fashion homeware, garden equipment etc. Product searches will result listing the product and the local stores that sell the product. On clicking the product, they enter the store and can continue to buy more products from the same retail store.

Bizybe is a project of Casa Infotech Limited based in Rosebank Road, Auckland NZ
We have been in Business for the past 25+ years in IT
We have combined experience of 40+ years in the IT industry.